Startups to Watch – SpaceView App

*This is the first in a series of posts about startups who’ve received at least one round of funding. If you think your startup should be featured, email me at dustiarab at*

Don’t let the slightly incomplete website fool you – SpaceView is going to complete change the way you design the interior of your home and, ultimately, how you shop for furniture.

You know no matter how many times you measure something, you never really know how something is going to look in your room before you bring it home? Started by former architect Milos Jovanovic, SpaceView lets you take a photo of your room and then select an item out their catalog to see a 3D version of that item in your space.

A solo, non-techie founder, Jovanovic has faced a unique set of challenges that he’s met and then some. With their proprietary, patent-pending 3D generator, Space View turns your Pinterest boards into a cohesive, beautiful space that you can then create exactly like you had envisioned it.

Check out the beta version of the app here.

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