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Is your copy bringing you cricket sounds instead of clicking sounds? Want help writing better copy? Are you nodding your head yes? I totally get it! Writing good copy takes skill and whole lot of practice. Lucky for us there are tools and resources in place that help take the guesswork out of figuring out a good headline or a great email subject.

Wait, stop for one second. Before you send that text to your friend or ask for subject advice in a facebook group,try these free tools on for size. I’m sure you will find a resource below to help lighten your copy woes. Besides…save that text to your friend for more important stuff like your next vacay!

Lets begin!

1. Asana

Use Asana to plan out your writing projects. If you are just starting, use Asana to set your writing goals and assign due dates for your blog posts.If you are working with a team, share your goals so others can help keep you accountable. You can also use Asana to brainstorm your writing topics. If you are stuck and need help, try starting a team conversation and bounce ideas off one another. Have I convinced you to take a look at Asana yet? Here’s a bonus for you: check out how we rock out Asana here at thinkCHARM.


2. CoSchedule’s headline analyzer.

Use CoSchedule’s headline analyzer to write better headlines. A click is good but a share is even better, am I right? It’s no secret that a great headline will increase your likelihood of social sharing.  The team at CoSchedule has taken the guesswork out of creating good headlines with their free headline analyzer tool. Its as simple as typing your headline in the bar below and clicking the analyze now button. You get a number and a letter grade. If you’re wondering, I scored a B+ for this headline. You should give it a try.


3. SubjectLineGold

Use SubjectLineGold to write better email and subject lines. The creators of this nifty tool will tell you that there is no secret formula to creating a great subject line. This free tool does all the analytics for you by checking your subject line for performance and delivery. Did I mention they test for open, delivery and click rates too? Your results are compared against their 21 billion email database.


4. CopyBlogger’s free classes.

Use CopyBlogger’s free classes to teach you how to write better copy. As I mentioned earlier, copywriting takes skill and practice. If you are lacking in the know how department, CopyBlogger is a great place to start. They have a free membership site which allows instant access to several e-books on copywriting and online marketing. The topics range from Copywriting 101 to How to effectively promote your content.

Did these tools help you write better copy? Tell us what you tried and loved by leaving a comment below.