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Since our request for a mulligan on 2016 has been denied by the Universe, there’s only one way through this mess, and that’s forward.

I’ve learned so much about people this year. About myself.

A lot of that has led me to tolerate a whole lot less from others and expect a whole lot more from myself. The goals list for 2017 is currently in development, but right now, I’m mostly just angry.

I’m upset about a lot, and I’m figuring out how to deal with it one piece at a time. And right now, venting and swearing off bullshit seems like a really solid place to start.

So here are 7 things I’m leaving behind in 2016 – feel free to add to the list below.

1. Facebook.

I’ve wasted entirely too much of my life there. It’s a mixed emotion decision, because I get nearly all of my business as a result of Facebook. There are many people I only keep up with as a result of Facebook – and I want to change all that.

You’ll see cross-posts from my Instagram feed, and I’m keeping Messenger active (for now). But if you’d like to keep engaging with me, I’d love to see you over here on Instagram. The platform is much more my style these days.

2. Your approval.

This has been a year of learning how to do things differently. I’ve smashed so many of my own glass ceilings this year, the ground around me is still sparkling and dangerously sharp, and those tiny shards of “What will they think?” left are being pulled out one by one. Every time I find myself bleeding from the inconsequential loss, I am reminded how quickly I heal back up and move on to whatever is next.

I am a mere 14 months from 30, and by the time I get there, I plan on being exactly who I mean to be. That’s going to take more discipline, and it’s about damn time.

3. Self-imposed limits.

These days, I’m in a place I’ve never been, and that requires trying things I’ve never done. It’s new and exciting, but it is frightening. Seeking guidance to get past this is going to be a crucial part of next year for me.

4. People who don’t care.

You know, give all the fucks. Caring about others, about the world around you? Yeah, that’s hot. I can’t even with people acting like this election doesn’t matter because it won’t really effect them adversely. That condones the behavior of those at the top. Fuck that. FUCK THAT. If you don’t care, we clearly have nothing in common.

5. Getting by.

Student loans, a little bit of debt here and there, not being 100% on it financially? Yeah. Over it. That’s getting left behind for a budget that actually suits my lifestyle, which includes giving to organizations I care about, traveling for a quarter of next year, and creating scholarships to give others a hand up.

6. Good enough.

I never want to look back and say I lived a good enough life. If it’s not exceptional, I don’t want to touch it. This goes for my work, my family, how I show up wherever I am.

There are some things that are fine to give a pass, but if they actually matter, why in god’s name would I do that?

7. People who phone it in.

I had to learn how to hire people this year. Whoa, was that a learning curve. Never did I realize how much I take my own work ethic for granted until I tried to pay other people to do what I do.

Let’s get real here. If you phone it in when there is money on the table, what am I going to assume happens when there isn’t? Folks lacking integrity can exit stage left, thanks.

What are you leaving behind in 2016?