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I was asked a question earlier this week that I’ve been turning over for a while now.

“How do you feel about social? What’s your approach?”

At the time, I was a little flustered. Social media has built my business from day one. How could I just spit out something witty and short, succinctly summing up how social media allowed me to start a business, build relationships around the world, and help others build their brands?

So after some thought, I think I’ve finally come up with a decent answer. So what’s my approach?

I approach social media like a human.

That might sound tongue in cheek, but bear with me for a minute.

When you look through all of the “social media expert” advice out there, CLEARLY you must be doing it wrong. If you don’t instantly have millions of followers, why bother?

Well, I think that’s ignorant and short-sighted.

While instant growth and higher numbers make us feel good, if you are growing at that fast of a rate, chances are you’re also losing a lot of people. You’re missing out on creating superfans, the “I knew them when…” audience. Followings shouldn’t be grown overnight if you want a deeper/better connection with individuals within that group.

Building rapport with authenticity, helpfulness, and transparency is how I build relationships in my daily life – why would it change when I go online?

Nothing pisses me off more than meeting someone who is nothing like who they are online.

Good social media campaigns are creativity meets common sense, curation meets conversion.

How could it be anything else?