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Webinar funnels are this year’s bread and butter marketing hack, and if you’ve been on one, you probably know why.

When they are done right, they are informative, fun, and efficient. I know for me, at the end of a really excellent webinar, I’m primed to buy. In particular, the way Amy Porterfield sets up her webinar funnels is incredibly effective – and very popular.

I should know. I make them every single day. From webinar topic generation to setting up the tech to making slides and more, I spend a LOT of time implementing the best practices recommended by the webinar queen herself. But I’m getting sidetracked. You came here for topic help, not to be reminded that you have 20 million things to do before you can even put on your webinar.

Back to business.

When it comes down to it, webinars are a gateway to a greater conversation. You give people something free and functional to solve a problem. That makes people like you. It makes perfect sense you want to give someone money when they can solve your problems.

So how can you create that kind of webinar? You know, the kind that makes it obvious that, “Of course, I’ll pay to work with you.”

You start with the perfect topic.

It sounds easy enough, but when you sit down to write it out, I bet you get blocked because there are just so many options. Finding something to talk about probably isn’t the issue. You’re an expert through and through. The question is, how do you know which topic to choose?

What’s going to be the humdinger that not only gets people to set aside one valuable hour of their life, but also leads your ideal buyer into desiring more of a relationship (which is what buying from you is) with you?

If you have a service or product you’re already selling, this should be straightforward. Think about what your client needs to know before they can make a decision to buy. What do they have to know to even realize they have the problem they have? How do they need educated?

These are basic questions to get you rolling, but you can’t forget about the draw of sizzling hot title. You can’t stop at the first shiny idea and just go for it.  Get in there, do the work, and generate topics until you land on the golden child of webinar ideas.

Here’s a quick and dirty guide on how to choose a webinar topic so you can make sure your next webinar is jam-packed.

1. Answer the question they are already asking you.

The number one thing I get asked by for by my clients right now is setting webinar funnels. Why? Because they are an incredibly effective lead generation tool – and they are bitch to get setup if you’re not familiar with the tech. That’s why I’m running a webinar on how to create these funnels fast this Tuesday.

What are your people already asking you? How can you turn that into a one-hour training that will be ridiculously valuable? Obviously, you can’t cram everything you know into an hour – but I bet you can help solve a surface problem, let them in on the actual problem, and pitch your product at the end of the training.

2. Ask your bestie.

Don’t you laugh at me. Nina and I have to bounce ideas off each other to get out of our own heads all the time, and I bet you do, too. Why? Easy.

You’ve been doing your thing for awhile now, and you’re a boss at it. Which means, you’ve probably lost beginner’s mindset, and that’s usually where your audience is at. You might be caught up in expert land, but they aren’t – yet. They come to you because you’re the pro.

So give them the entry-level info they need so they can go deeper with you. (You know, and do the work you are ridiculously excited to do with them.)

3. Write “How to XYZ” until you see the light

How-to’s are seriously great for webinars because it guarantees the listener they are going to leave with a better understanding of something they are interested in. Seriously, everybody wins with a great how-to. And since you’re such an expert (yes, you), you should have no problem coming up with 10-20 topics your audience is mildly curious about all the way to insanely interested in. (Hint: the best webinar topics are always the ones that are insanely interesting to your audience.)

4. Ask your fans.

Are you really, really not sure what to talk to your audience about? No problem. Narrow the playing field, and then ask them directly. Facebook has a great feature where you can create a poll directly on your Facebook page. How easy is that? If you want to make sure you get buckets of opinions, boost it.

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