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I’m beginning to get inclinings of what the reinvention co can become.

It’s like watching a piece of marble slowly take the shape of an artist’s dream. Pieces I shaved down so long ago begin to look like legs, and realizing I have something to stand on is exhilarating.

Frankly, it’s an odd thing to acknowlegde, because I’ve felt a little uncertain of myself lately. Entering this new phase – one where I’m incredibly fortunate to have my needs met by a job – and having the opportunity to grow a side project without the stress of needing it to pay my bills is very new.

That kind of creative freedom was initially, well, terrifying.

What do I do when there is no crisis to solve? No struggle that needs addressing? What drives me when there is no fire to put out?

Who am I when I am not trying to desperately keep the plane from crashing?

I’m working out. At a minimum, it turns out I can create an awful lot in that kind of space. So I’ve been seeking, searching for the path that is going to carry me the furthest in the direction I desire to go.

After a great call with Mark Silver last week, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’ve been, where I’m going, and what I want that to look like along the way. We talked about several things, but the main takeaway was that looking to leadership and team development as an avenue for learning seemed to be a strong next step. It’s unclear what that will look like, but I’m starting with my membership group.

Last week, I ran a masterclass, How To Write A Fucking Great Sales Page in my membership group, the reinvention co unlimited, my new home for all of the resources I create. For $5 (and $25 a month after that), you can get access to it, as well as many other resources that are already there. This week, I chatted up Nina on moving into multiple streams of revenue. Today, I got to talk the group through Mailchimp.

I’m thrilled to be working with people through this group, and having this container where I can serve all of my people feels so good. I can train others on all of the things I’m doing every day, I can make education focused on marketable skills affordable – something I’ve been trying to figure out how to accomplish for the past seven years, and I can begin to make the difference I deeply desire to.

It’s funny to watch this piece fall into place, even as I’m starting to settle into what my life looks like when I stop running from everything. Right now, it’s a lot of Nespresso, nesting, and letting myself become entangled with wonderful people.

I have never felt so much myself, leaning into my edges harder every day. And I still have a long way to go to get to where I’d like to be. (But maybe it’s not as far as I used to think.)

I suppose I could shoot for balance or play like getting halfway there matters (does it ever, though?), or I could be real.

Y’all can take your balance and keep walking. I’m best at my edges.