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Let’s be honest. There are products, people, organizations, and services that seem like the Internet’s best kept secrets.  


And you don’t want to be the Internet’s best kept secret. You want to be the one getting shared between girlfriends.


When I discovered the Facebook page for Thrive Market, I felt like I had hit the goldmine of  “basically-organic-Costco-but-on-the-internet”.


Their page introduced me to their products, vision, mission and values as a company, all while offering to deliver amazing food straight to my door.  

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.58.35 AM

This is the best of what Facebook pages have to offer: unlocking products, organizations, and services that consumers never knew they wanted or needed. With the ease of “liking” a page to follow along, pages make it easy for users to follow along with the work, promotions, and stories of the pages they follow.


Don’t be the internet’s best kept secret.  


Pages provide the ability to reach large audiences and create a central fan base around what makes you awesome. Promotions, announcements, special offers, and storytelling pages offer space to expand your reach. They also provide analytics so you can track how well posts are doing, what type of mediums connect with your audience, and how visible your promotions are to the wider Facebook world.


Some of you are thinking “people already know I am awesome, but how do I connect more with people?”


Great question- because who doesn’t want to connect with amazing consumers, clients, community groups, and fans?


For more personal connections and concentrated content interaction (say that three times fast), Facebook groups create spaces for- you guessed it- groups of people to interact in a virtual space.


Whether you are promoting a new product and wanting to test it out, figuring out the next best place to adventure…

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.58.49 AM

…or connecting with other people with similar interests or part of an event that you are attending…

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.59.02 AM

…groups allow personal interaction from participants, notifies members of group activity, and allows for the privacy to develop relationships, ask questions or be in the know!


Groups and pages differ primarily in the scope that they reach. Though groups as well as pages end up on user’s timelines, they serve different purposes in marketing and helping people engage both with your brand and with other interested clients, customers, or fans.


Groups offer more private  space to engage on specific topics within your business, connect and allow people to gather around a purpose or cause to build community and facilitate interaction through conversations, photos, and events.


Pages on the other hand are highly public and allow your brand or entity to gain traction and keep people up to date on announcements and happenings. Pages show up actively on people’s newsfeeds allowing them to see your posts in their normal day-to-day scrolling.


While pages and groups differ in function and reach, utilizing both for a larger virtual reach maximizes the platform for both the brand and the people who will discover what you have to offer.

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