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Last month, I set some pretty ambitious goals for the year, and the biggest one was crushing my debt into smithereens.

So how did February go?

Well, I bought my first big girl bed (and I’m nesting like whoa right now). I didn’t sacrifice the things that make me happy (like before school Starbucks runs with my son when he wakes up early and barre classes). And I paid down a shitload of debt.

C – 132
G – 60
CC – 450
D – 160
N – 250
B – 75
J – 135

For a grand total of 1394 paid off in January. For the full breakdown of what I’m paying down, you can read my post here.

Now, it’s not enough for me to make my goal yet, but I’m hoping to gain more momentum as the year goes on with this project. I’ve also been investing in getting some administrative help to maximize my impact in the work I am doing, which is letting me do more great work. Finally, I’ve been investing in myself.

Barre classes have been incredible – like, I have a butt now. What even is this life? I’ve been building out my crypto portfolio little by little (and I’ve got a project in the pipeline I think you’ll be into if you’re interested in learning about crytpo, too). And last but not least? I have a savings account! With dollars in in. So prepared, much grown up.

For February, I’ve got a few projects coming up that I’m so excited for – and I’m nearly booked up through mid-April. Which is part of why I just raised the price of a Fix to 1500. (You can still save a date for 500 down.)

And with that update, I’m out to Mexico to celebrate my 30th birthday. If you want to see what kind of trouble I get into, I’ll be posting on Instagram.