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Psst… I made you something.

You know email marketing is where the money is at, and you just can’t bring yourself to get it done. So here you are! This is your six-week plan – a free email autoresponder template plan to start building great, lasting relationships with your subscribers.

I’ve made some done-for you emails you can use in your drip sequence. Simply layer your voice over it, plug and play, and get moving!


Get the Art of the Autoresponder free here.

Get 5 done-for-you emails you can use in your autoresponder sequence.

These plug-and-play emails will help you:

  • Start a conversation with new subscribers
  • Build up to your next product launch
  • Get your tribe involved on your site
  • Crank up the interaction on social media
  • Begin a real relationship with your reader

Besides the emails themselves, the sequence also teaches you *why* these emails work, so you can create your own later.

Oh, and these emails *work.* (Seriously. I use these exact emails for clients and edit them to fit their voice and get 5-figure results consistently.)

Ready to start turning subscribers into long-term readers, fans, and clients? Snag these and get cracking.