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Overwhelmed by all of the marketing must-do bullshit you keep reading about everywhere?

Yeah, join the club.

That’s exactly where my clients are when they come to me for a Funnel Cake Fix, my signature offer where I typically end up building a website, writing site copy, and setting up email marketing all in one day.

It’s hard to say no to an offer like that when you’ve been so overwhelmed by everything The Experts say you MUST DO to be successful.  

First off, you don’t 99% of that stuff they say you need in place to make money.

Second, you just need a super streamlined funnel. (Don’t run – funnels are easy when you do it right.) 

The thing is, a lot of people don’t understand how to properly integrate programs like these to create a smooth, seamless experience for their customer, as well as a simple back-end to manage for themselves.

This is how I do what I do as fast as I do.

The Funnel Cake Fix Method is my tell-all how-to guide so you can do the shit that I do. It will walk you step-by-step through the nuts and bolts of all of these steps so you can finally kick out that new site before the end of tomorrow and get launched.

Additionally, it comes with a selection of worksheets, fillable forms, and resources to complete the training you need to start getting. it. done.

It’s fast, it’s furious, and it’s functional. 

Rad AF, right?

No one more wondering about what are the things that need done to be successful. No more wondering whether or not you covered everything you need for a basic launch.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to funnels
  • Explaining our funnel pieces
  • Basic website and WordPress setup guide
  • How to setup WordPress
  • How to customize your WordPress theme (Videos)
  • Creating and crafting your brand’s style (WS)
  • Honing in your brand voice (WS)
  • Getting started with email marketing: Mailchimp
  • Getting started with email marketing: ConvertKit
  • How to setup email marketing automation: Mailchimp
  • How to setup email marketing automation: ConvertKit
  • Introduction to landing pages
  • Creating effective landing pages
  • Introduction to Instapage
  • Connecting all the dots: putting the funnel together
  • Basic business systems: the things I do to keep the doors open
  • Resources