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Hi, I’m Dusti.

I’m a digital marketing jack of all trades making instant gratification happen for creative business owners.

I’ve been ghostwriting for top coaches, authors, and CEOs since 2011. (That means I can write and sound just like you. Rad, right?)

But my clients wanted more.  So I learned how to design everything from social media images to websites to logos.

But it still wasn’t quite it.  I realized as a top notch generalist, the value I really brought clients was being able to manage the process end to end, by creating all the content, connecting all the pieces of software, and being there when an emergency came up.

It was good, but something was still missing. My secret weapon.

How freaking fast my turnaround is.

The thing is, I’m an A+ procrastinator. I will guaranteed wait till the last second to finish something. So what if… I created all of the assets for a project in one day?

It was so crazy it just might work.

That’s where the Funnel Cake Fix was born.

Curious about working together?

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Get your sales funnel built in one day. (Yes, really.)