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What I’m Doing Now

For work

I run the reinvention co, a marketing consultancy for service-based small business owners who give a damn. I offer half-day intensives to co-create a marketing plan you’ll actually use. Love working together? Then we can continue on with me as your Fractional CMO.

This fall, I’m co-hosting a retreat with Hillary Weiss Presswood in Brooklyn, NY Oct. 14-15th.

Last but not least, I’m running an all-new program this fall, Practical Magic. Enrollment begins in September, and orientation week beings Oct 3rd.


2022 goals

  • Learn to drive
    • Got my permit in August! Now, I’m happily accepting lessons from my local friends.
  • Make as much in my business as I did last year
    • I did 250k, but with a team and WAY too much overhead. It’s just me right now – no assistant in sight. Right now, I’m offtrack for this, but with Q4 ahead and some fresh collabs cooking, I’m not done yet.
  • Take 6 weeks of vacation throughout the year
    • On track to do so! The best part is how much of that time I’ve spent traveling and doing house projects.
  • Get dental work for my son and I started
    • Tristan’s got a mouth of metal right now, and my appointments have started. Not exciting, but important and necessary.
  • Bake one new to me thing every month
    • This month, I made the BEST meat pie to ring in fall. Chicken + potato + corn. (Because wtf would anyone use FROZEN PEAS in one?)
  • Maintain my garden
    • It’s been my best year gardening yet! (Even with a tree with peach curl) I made a gallon of raspberry jam from the berries out back, put in a few new berry bushes, and my tomatoes are so happy I could cry. No powdery mildew in sight! (Knock on wood.)
  • Wrap up some unexpected house renovations
    • We had to get mold remediation done in two of our bathrooms, and now, we’re taking the opportunity to put in a nursery downstairs, too. Currently accepting all good vibes and advice on working with contractors effectively.

    Actively researching

    • Clean beauty products
    • My ancestry
    • Human Design + Astrology
    • Secondary citizenship

    2022 travel

    • March
      • Los Cabos
      • Playa Del Carmen
    • June
      • Decatur, MI (Stratejoy Summer Camp!)
    • August
      • Undecided! Thinking about a night at the coast or something.
    • September
      • Denver, CO
      • Florence, Italy (Would love your reccs!)
    • October
      • New York, NY (Fun Factor retreat)