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Dear Universe,

You and I know that I’ll do anything in the pursuit of truth. And I’m ready to go.

Pop culture has never really been my forte. I don’t enjoy seeing movies often, as I’m convinced it is mostly for sedating the masses.

But this afternoon I found myself at the library flipping through an issue of Vogue. Well written articles, interesting takes on culture, and politics I can jive with? Color me surprised. What I found most fascinating was a story on Charlize Theron, who I’m fairly certain just became my new patron saint. You’ve got to hand it to a woman whose mother killed her father when she fifteen for turning out so well-adjusted.

But there’s something more there I love seeing. She’s a little older than me at 38, and I feel like there’s some sort of magic surrounding her age, the wisdom she’s earned, and the way she views her life.

I want that kind of perspective. I’m itching for an adventure.

Universe, I’m ready when you are.

Send me out, and I’ll promise to write it out straight from the veins. Let no detail be left amiss.


A seeker