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Systems are crucial for accomplishing your most important tasks, in life or business. If you’re throwing a bunch of things at the wall, I can tell you right now what you’re going to end up with: A mess.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of discussions with folks across wildly different industries about getting the back-end systems of an effective marketing program setup because you can same so much time so fast by implementing some simple automation tools.

Typically, when I setup a system around content marketing, it looks like an replicatable editorial calendar that takes into account email marketing, blogging, Instagram, and Facebook groups.

Because I know many of you are in the beginning steps of starting a business or are still learning how to set these systems up, let’s take a first step – let’s get started with email marketing.

I recorded this video last year as part of a series I created on systems for small business owners. This video explains how to get started with Mailchimp, a free (until 2000 subscribers) email marketing solution popular with small business owners.

(Niche note: to my friends who work in direct sales or cannabis, Mailchimp explicitly doesn’t allow your businesses to use their platform. I recommend using ActiveCampaign, which is a better platform anyway.)