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Things I’m over in 2018:

– diet ads
– people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions
– people beating an overdone topic into the ground  (see minimalism)
– clickbait that doesn’t deliver
– entitled white men
– pseudoscience and all of the bullshit served alongside of it
– spiritual bypassing
– willing ignorance
– catering to entitled white boy feelings
– pretending misogyny lite is fine
– keeping the peace when it means I get screwed
– your fucking excuses
– my fucking excuses
– keeping my mouth shut
– fomo
– people who only want you around when it’s convenient
– “Christians” who are anti-abortion/anti-women
– anyone who tries to control my body
– your inability to fucking Google it
– anyone who tries to manic pixie me

Things I’m here for in 2018:

– sharing what’s really going on
– having hard conversations
– bringing people in
– generosity in every form
– every sparkly thing I can get my hands on
– women helping women
– sweet potatoes in every form
– people who show up even (especially) when it’s hard
– keeping the peace when it means we all go together
– showing the fuck up for my life
– taking care of my body
– eating whatever the fuck I want
– people who give a damn
– living life as intensely as I damn well please
– travelling
– staying up all night
– love stories
– doing whatever the fuck I want (as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone)