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Hey you.

Want me to build you a website – totally free?

I thought you might. I’m going to build a entire website from start to finish on December 10th at 5:00pm for my class, Divi in 60: How to build a beautiful site in an hour, and it might as well be your website, right?

If you’d like to be considered, I need you to do a couple of things!


  1. Purchase a domain and hosting from Dreamhost. Use my instructions and link here.
  2. Fill out the contact form here. For now, you can just add links to where you plan on adding materials (then go back and add it by 12/7).
  3. Share this page! The more people who enter and take the class, the more likely I am to do another free website.  

7 + 15 =

This is the fine print. Site must be built on Dreamhost with their happy shared hosting plan. If you have your domain on another host, point the DNS at Dreamhost and purchase hosting through Dreamhost. God, tech stuff is dull to read. Let’s make this more fun. This contest is good for a 5 page website, with up 5000 total words of copy. (You can always add more later!) Divi sites work best with big, pretty horizontal images. Get me what you can, and I can find stock photos for the rest. Has anyone told you how great your smile is today? It is. The site will be built with WordPress + Divi, and then I’m going to hand you the keys to the car, so to speak. Speaking of, your voice. Really. It’s so easy to listen to. God, you’re great.

…you’re still here? Well, you mind sharing this image to the left then? That’d be amazing. 

Pst. Want to just register for the class? You can do that here.