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You’re overwhelmed with it all. From the daily things that have to be done, to your latest commitments, to attempting to fit in time for what you actually would like to do, you’re so bogged down that it feels like you’re walking through mud. Or maybe more like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders.

Psst. I have a question. What would happen if you just stopped?

No really.

What if, instead of trying to do it all, you only did what felt good?

Instead of pushing through to make a self-imposed deadline, go get inspired. Have a glass of wine with a friend. Rather than rush through another load of laundry, let it lie. Read a book. Chances are good it’ll be there when you get back.

It’s easy to imagine everything falling apart without you at the center. And some things may. But if they do, were they really so important after all? What matters will be there for you after your holiday is over.

You’re irreplacable – and you’re also wonderfully small and insignificant. Look up at the night sky and revel in it. Isn’t it glorious that we don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s needs because all we have is in this moment?

You don’t need to let your newfound hedonistic tendencies take over everything forever. (Everything in moderation and all that.) But maybe there’s an easier way than trying to go it alone, trying to do it all, all the time.

Sometimes, your soul can’t wait for the weekend.

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