Think of the last time you had a day where you felt completely in your element. You worked from your core strengths, but things flowed easily. The energy was there. You were on fire. 

It’s incredible when it happens, right?

Now imagine an average day. Average productivity, average interactions, average work output. It’s not great, but it’s not bad. It’s probably not interesting to talk about.

What’s the difference in those two days for you?

Let me wager a guess. 1. How your day started and 2. What kind of work you were doing. 

Unless you have very small children, chances are you are in control of how your day starts. For most of us, that’s gratifying to know… And also terrifying. Why? Well, if you’re in control of setting the tone for your day, that’s an awful lot of responsibility, isn’t it? Even if you can’t control the type of work you do (if you work for someone else, for instance), you can influence your mood, performance, and more for the entire day.

Here’s another few questions – what would it feel like to eliminate average days? How much more would you accomplish? How much more time would you have on your hands for creating the kind of work you care about most?

Eliminate average.

If you have a choice, and you do, in expelling average from your vocab and your life, why wouldn’t you do it? The world doesn’t need more average output, it needs your best. We all deserve you at your best, and vice versa. If I’m not giving you my best work, give me the finger for wasting your time and keep walking.

So how can you eliminate the average day?

Fall off the balance beam.

Balance isn’t in my vocabulary, and it doesn’t belong in yours. Balance is for people afraid of getting what they want. It’s giving up interesting and provocative for more of the same. It’s staying away from our edges because we’re scared of what’s out there.

Jump off the balance beam, and go for it.

When I’m at my edges doing work I’m proud of, I’m either going full speed ahead, or I’m not. There is no in between, and when I pretend there is, I’m miserable.

Either you’re filling up your tank, or you’re draining it. You’re in your zone of genius, or you’re wasting time.

So how much of your day is wasted in indecision and procrastinating? Probably more than you’d like to admit, right?

This is directly connected to how you start your day. What if, instead of living in the land of indecision, you built a system that supported you that kept you at peak performance and out of the average zone?

“Automate and delegate” is my objective for the quarter, and I’m trying to implement the best parts of both of those into my life, as well as my business ventures. Automate everything that can be automated. Delegate anything you can that you don’t love doing.

How valuable is your time? Because mine is worth more than what it costs to delegate my finances to an accountant.

How’s automating and delegating working so far?

Yesterday, I launched two massive joint ventures. Guess how much stress I felt during the process? Zero. I knew what was going on, I knew what was left to execute, and I have the deep trust of knowing my two work wives (my work harem?) have my back. Besides, I’ve flopped enough launches that both of these were well-planned, have been in the works for months in one form or another, and were so ready to come into the world.

Guess what? You can do have that, too.

Take back your day, and start with your mornings. Here are some quick and dirty tips to get you there faster.

How To Never Have An Average Day Again

Find a productivity system. Use it, tweak it, repeat.

I took this class recently, and in combination with my printed planning sheets, it’s phenom. The last couple of days have seen me at my peak productivity. And if a 90 minute class is all it takes? More please.

Do what you’ve gotta do.

Let’s be real here. I’ve got a two year old boy running around during my peak work hours. How do I survive? Screen time. The kids loves screens, and I’m way over feeling guilty about pulling up a movie so I can make a deadline.

Do what you need to do get the results you want. Fuck the naysayers.

Take care of yourself.

Take your supplements. Take a 10 minute meditation break. Go natural with your health care. Stay hydrated. If I’m dehydrated, I’m useless. Drink 64 oz. a day minimum, more if you’re exercising or trying to lose weight.

Does this all sound obvious? Good. It should.

So why aren’t you doing it?

Jump off the balance beam, love.

P.S. Curious about the two launches I mentioned earlier?

Nina Nelson and I are thrilled to introduce the Simple Natural Box. Think of it as DIY meets Done For You. It’s an easy way to say yes to your desire for a simple wellness routine while still acknowledging that you’re hella busy.

Second, if you’re local to the Portland area, Princess Parties NW is throwing a Princess Holiday Ball. (If your kids love Frozen, you have to come. Also, catering by someone at Noble Rot. Right? RIGHT?!)

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