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The caffe down the street from where I live is excellent at selling pastries. They only have a few choices available at a time, and they change everyday because they are made fresh in-house. The idea is, “Enjoy it today while it lasts.”

And I do. You only have today, after all. It’s the “Life is short, buy the shoes” concept. The “Buy Now” trigger is abused by companies trying to take advantage of one-click purchases, but the idea of living in the moment isn’t about you getting a sale. It’s about how you make someone feel.

It’s helping someone be extraordinary.

The best brands nurture tiny acts of rebellion. 

Encourage them to step out of the norm – make it easy for someone to be remarkable.

Help them build a better business by telling them everything you know

Buy the macaroon and enjoy every last bite without an ounce of guilt.

Next time you’re trying to come up with a viral title, ask yourself:

Are you helping someone be extraordinary?