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What I’m Doing Now

For work

I‘m on maternity leave until the end of Q3 2023. See you in Q4!

I run the reinvention co, a marketing consultancy for service-based small business owners who give a damn. I offer half-day intensives to create marketing plans you’ll actually use. (And stop stressing about what everyone else is doing, marketing “shoulds”, etc.)

Love working together? Then we can continue on with me as your Fractional CMO.

Book a coffee chat here to talk marketing with me.

In my life

4/22/23 – Baby Emerson is a month old, and we’re officially out of the newborn haze! We’re to the part of leave I’ve been looking forward to, and we’re finally ready to venture further than around the block. 

2023 goals

I toyed with the idea of no goals for this year, but my brain just couldn’t handle it. Ya girl needs some structure! After the new arrival gets here, I’m going to be working on things in a more flexible way, so I’m thinking about it more as projects I have the option of working on as I like.


  • Take local trips (Astoria, OR + Long Beach, WA is already in the books!)
  • Write + garden + make magic of the little moments
  • Be as active as possible

More projects for 2023…

  • Get my license
  • Work in my garden
  • Work on my books
  • Stay engaged with my communities on and offline

      2023 travel

      • June
        • We’re going to spend a week in the Bend, OR area visiting my bestie and her family.
        • My SIL is getting married in Olympia, WA and I can’t wait to celebrate her and the fam.
      • December
        • Mexico?! I’m currently working on convincing my husband’s family to do Christmas in Cabo, will let you know if I’m successful. (Happily accepting reccs for family-friendly all-inclusive resorts!)

      Some time in Q2 2023…

      • Brookings, OR
      • Seattle, WA