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What I’m Doing Now

For work

I run the reinvention co, a marketing consultancy for service-based small business owners who give a damn. I offer half-day intensives to co-create a marketing plan you’ll actually use. Love working together? Then we can continue on with me as your Fractional CMO.

Right now, I’m preparing for maternity leave in 2023, so if you’ve got a project, now’s the best time to contact me. I’ll be wrapping up work in March 2023. 


2022 goals

  • Learn to drive
    • Got my permit in August! Now, I’m happily accepting lessons from my local friends.
  • Make as much in my business as I did last year
    • Thanks to the health issues caused by recurrent miscarriages, this is way off track. The good news is that as of 10/26/22, I’m 17 weeks pregnant, and things are going well. 
  • Take 6 weeks of vacation throughout the year
    • On track to do so! The best part is how much of that time I’ve spent traveling and doing house projects.
  • Get dental work for my son and I started
    • Tristan’s got a mouth of metal right now, and my appointments have started. Not exciting, but important and necessary.
  • Bake one new to me thing every month
    • This month, I made the BEST meat pie to ring in fall. Chicken + potato + corn. (Because wtf would anyone use FROZEN PEAS in one?)
  • Maintain my garden
    • It’s been my best year gardening yet! (Even with a tree with peach curl) I made a gallon of raspberry jam from the berries out back, put in a few new berry bushes, and somehow, I am still growing tomatoes in October? What a strange year. We’ve also got an arborist coming in to trim some trees up to avoid any big branch drops this year, as well as take out two trees. (One invasive holly and one really ugly pine that’s trying to grow under my garage. No thank you, sir.)
  • Wrap up some unexpected house renovations
    • We had to get mold remediation done in two of our bathrooms, and now, we’re taking the opportunity to put in a nursery downstairs, too. Currently accepting all good vibes and advice on working with contractors effectively.

    Actively researching

    • Clean beauty products
    • My ancestry
    • Human Design + Astrology
    • The best baby items

    2022 travel

    • March
      • Los Cabos
      • Playa Del Carmen
    • June
      • Decatur, MI (Stratejoy Summer Camp!)
    • August
      • Undecided! Thinking about a night at the coast or something.
    • September
      • Denver, CO
      • Florence, Italy
    • October
      • New York, NY (Fun Factor retreat)