Being in debt fucking blows.

If you’ve been there, you get it.

You’ve got this constant heaviness hanging over you.

I’ve been busting my ass double time trying to make everything happen, including asking for help a couple weeks ago to make my new apartment happen, because I’m finally getting caught up on credit cards and late payments.

But the thing with debt is that not only can you not get ahead, you can’t escape the worry that goes with it. What if there’s an emergency? What if I lose ground? What if… I’m doomed to stay in this cycle?

The reality is I don’t believe that for one second. I think I was born into poverty and systematic injustice is real. I think that people are made to feel shame when they can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps, figure it out, and carry on. I think it’s easy (and normal and predictable) to take the occasional backwards step when you are managing to find your way out of it.

So it won’t surprise you when I tell you that, historically, I haven’t been great with money. I grew up poor, learning my money managing habits from someone who still doesn’t know how to manage their money. My siblings and I were raised in the church of 25 cent McDonald’s cheeseburgers and grandma’s canned green beans.

But I’ve also been working towards real, sustainable growth. I’m finally making a consistent living wage, so cheers to that. But, the reality is that I have a whole lotta debt I’m still carrying around. How much, you ask? Well, let’s get real for a minute.

Dusti’s Debt Breakdown

D 5465
M 1600
N 1,000.00
B 750
D 1800
G 5671
Credit Cards 4,000.00
Consumer/Personal Debt 20285.71
Student loans 36800

I’ve accumulated a grand total of 57087 in debt. 

I’m not ashamed of it. I don’t think it speaks volumes about me as a person. It’s a picture of someone who didn’t have the support network she needed, who made a handful of mistakes and has learned to do better, and was told college was her ticket out (it wasn’t – don’t go to college, guys).

But considering it’s 10,000 less than it was this time last year? I think it says I’m making progress, even if not as fast as I’d like to, and I’m trying. And now? I’m trying to get it all erased in one fell swoop.

This next year? I want to pay off every last cent of it.

Every month, I’m going to check in and tell you know about the progress I’ve made paying my debts down. I’m also going to show you exactly how much money I made freelancing. This will help me continue to stay accountable to myself (though this has been such a constant din in my ears for the past year, I’m not sure I could forget if I wanted to), as well as continue to challenge myself when it comes to rates, what something is worth, and more.

Given what I make at my job, it’s a serious reach goal. I’m going to have to try things I never have before to make it happen. Some thing will work, and more than likely, some won’t. The one rule I have for making it happen?

It has to be fun – and simple for both of us.

That’s why starting week one of January 2018, you’re going to see weekly offers from me. You can purchase them for a week (there are ten of them available), and then they are gone. I’m going to test it for a month and see what happens.

Week One of January 2018: $100 tasks.

  • Edit and revamp a blog post of your choice (up to 1200 words)
  • Create a lead magnet in one of 3 styles (standard text-heavy, standard image heavy, or mixed) with a cover using your content (up to 800 words.)
  • Setup your email marketing on ConvertKit with 4 automated welcome emails (you write ’em, I’ll edit ’em) – comes with a short video of how to send an email to your list.

Want to book one?

Fill out this form. And then pay $100 here. I’m getting started January 2nd.

It’s that easy. You either need it or you don’t. No long term commitment – just deliverables. Quick and easy. And hey, if I can book these every week, I reach my goal. If I can’t, I’ll try something different.

Here’s to new ideas, fresh challenges, and making it happen.

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